Nov 032013

She gotta be one of the fresh faces of the playboy magazine, or i have just missed something, well that option is also possible, but think that she indeed is an new model, since there is like no info in this babe on the net. Well this set is now that there were not even info on their official website! all for you guys out there, all the fresh and new! Some times this magazine just start bombing us with all the possible fresh sets on a single day and today i do like it, since all of them are pretty good!

What goes for this particular set, it is done well and outdoor on a sunny day and what goes for this girl here, she is a fresh face as noted already. She looks kind a cute, what goes for her face and usually cuties with the big boobs get new sets pretty fast, so think this will not be the last for sure. When looking at her boobs, it can be pretty much be seen that her breasts are fake, think that not wrong in that and she kind a have pretty big nipples. This girl also have shaved her pussy entirely, too bad that they usually always shave all off… well it is just mine opinion… but all in all this is pretty nice looking set and the model is pretty hot too, so gonna be waiting more from her to come!

Pictures From The Playboy Magazine

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